The Gloomies

Don’t let “the gloomies” get to you.

The Psalmist declared: Why are you downcast, oh my soul?   Why are you disquieted (or restless) within me?  Hope in God  (paraphrase mine).  This passage specifically addresses the soul, which consists of our mind, will, and emotions.  He is asking himself why he has allowed his soulish man to dictate how he feels.  Good question!

We’ve all done it.  We get to feeling a little “down” and before you know it, we’ve taken a downward spiral into gloom and despair.  We don’t have to let our emotions dictate our days.  We can choose to walk in the Spirit.  If we regularly feed our spirit man the Word of God and we build it by exercising our faith, we can be ruled by our spirit instead of allowing our soul and flesh to dominate us.  This gives us the strength and ability to “press through” those negative emotions that threaten our sunny days.

Probably the biggest key to success in this area is choosing to ignore our negative emotions and choosing to make the effort to overcome them.  It is a choice.  It does require effort and focus.  Although it seems easier to just follow where our emotions take us, the results can be disastrous.  It is worth the work and discipline needed to consciously follow the spirit instead of the soul. 

So, next time “the gloomies” threaten you, purposely decide to cast down each and every imagination and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.  Gloom cannot stand when you take a stand.

– Janean

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